One Woman Academy

November 30, 2009

True Story: Williamsburg Inhabitants

      I love NYC. It used to terrify me, but since living in the East Village and Brooklyn this summer, I am very comfortable in the center of the Empire State. But sometimes even I have to poke some serious fun at my hipster homies in good ole’ Williamsburg (Beacon’s Closet is an amazing destination). This is guest art from the webcomic Alien Loves Predator

       I can’t even begin to express how accurate this is and how much I love observing hipsters in their natural habitat. Watching them in college among the rest of the undergrad crowd is simply nowhere near as rewarding. They just cluster together in circles of trend-dependent judgement.

      Keep in mind that I say this as the girl who wears red, green, purple, and white jeans with a serious collection of scarves and downloads NPR podcasts (not to mention dreams of the day that she  can take off a week of work to go to Bonnaroo or SXSW). This is as much reflection on myself than a specific minority. Also, PBR is really popular amongst hipsters because it is the liberal Natty Ice and sponsors NPR. When Ira Glass is sponsored by cheap beer, you know some skinny jeans will be lining up.


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