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November 18, 2009


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     Astronomy is awesome. Understanding the stars, realizing how small you are, avoiding your friends to watch meteor showers, all of these things are incredibly interesting.


     However, I am the world’s worst student of math and science. Numbers make me nervous. I had difficulty with an introductory earth science course my freshman year. 


     But I really do think that astronomy is interesting and engaging. Just because I’m almost completely useless at math and science doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate astronomy. I recently stepped into a Introductory to Astronomy class to make an announcement and found myself transfixed by the material as I waited for the professor to remember why I was there. He put up a simple picture up of the sun and I? I was transfixed.


     Most of my articles have cited some heavyweight Chronicle of Higher Education article, but occasionally I find issues in my university that aren’t analyzed by highly respected journalists. My main point is that I wish that auditing classes was more widely discussed as an intellectual option for students. My university has a program that lets much older adult students come to classes and engage professors without having to do the work. I love that idea. We should be able to engage our interests without constantly stressing out about our GPA. I can’t tell you how many times people have told me how they passed on interesting classes because they saw the syllabus and were concerned about the grade they received. I myself dropped a communications computer science class because the syllabus was flat-out terrifying. If that concern hadn’t been in the picture, I would finally know how to create websites and use Excel (please don’t judge my computer illiteracy). While I understand that it is a little unreasonable to promote auditing in such a resource-limited classroom environment, keeping the numbers of classes available for anyone to see could help people hem themselves in auditing selections.


    Simply put, I just want to be able to learn about black holes in an academic environment without ruining my academic future.


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